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So, I went on holiday, it was pretty dull. Not much to say about that.

What I actually want to write about is how the next few months is looking really awesome for games.

  1. Bioshock. It hits our noble shores on August 24th, and it’s looking eyeball-meltingly good. PC Gamer gave it 95%, which makes it the best game released since Half-Life 2 rocked our collective socks. It looks gorgeous, the gameplay sounds amazing, and the story is apparently so good, you absolutely must not let anyone spoil you on pain of death. I absolutely can’t wait.
  2. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Strogg vs. Human in gigantic futuristic vehicular warfare. I’m absolutely gutted I’ve missed a slot on the open beta. Apparently the full game will arrive come September.
  3. The Orange Box. Valve’s cluster-bomb of game-wonder, due for October 12th. HL2: Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Each one of these is worthy of intense anticipation individually. The fact that they’re dropping on the same day as part of the same package is breathtaking. The mind-bending Euclid-defying puzzleness of Portal, the beautifully insane stylisation of TF2’s multiplayer mayhem, and the continuation of the epic HL2 story. It’s going to be good. It’s Valve.
  4. Crysis. Have you seen how beautiful this game is? Destructible trees. You can blow up trees. On a tropical island.
  5. Left 4 Dead. Another game from the Valve stable, as it were. Zombie co-op mayhem with persistent stats. This is the game LAN parties were made for. All 4 (human team) players in a single room, yelling at each other, freaking out at an unexpected ambush, rescuing downed comrades. Working together and staying alive.

In other news, iD have released practically every game they’ve ever made on Steam. It’s pretty bonkers. Valve are also releasing the Steam Community beta next week. By the use of some judicious hackery, some people have gotten an early sneak peak. Looks like interesting stuff, adding non-Steam games to your list, using Steam Community features in all games – nuts. Could put a dent into Xfire, this lot.

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