If this is what Linux has to offer…

So I’m trying to install Ubuntu, because heck, it’s time I tried it. So I head to the Ubuntu site, read some fairly encouraging spiel about how Ubuntu is easy to install, will be full of fun & joy, be packed full of helpful apps to get me going, and all will be well and good when I’m dancing in hippie-land with all those people who have thrown off the shackles of the evil empire.

One download and burn to CD later and I pop the thing in my CD drive, restart my computer, and boot from the CD. I go to the installation option, it starts to load and… bang, it drops to a text shell and starts spewing errors.

Fantastic. Tells me that I can type “help” to look at the availiable commands. Apart from the ones named the same as DOS commands I have no idea what they do. Am I being required to prove my worth before I am allowed to install the damn thing? No, it’s just shit. Either that or my computer’s hardware is somehow completely buggered in some way that only affects free software.

To cut a long story short, Ubuntu blows chunks. At least Windows fucking well installs. At this point I’m fairly happy to have paid a premium for a product that ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING.

Fuck. This. Shit.

6 thoughts on “If this is what Linux has to offer…

  1. Microsoft may be an evil monopoly, but at least it is an evil monopoly that makes stuff that works.

  2. Microsoft may be an evil monopoly, but at least it is an evil monopoly that makes stuff that works.

  3. There are a plenty of systems that one or another version of Windows XP does not work with. The fact that your system probably arrived with OEM preinstalled for it doesn't really mean much. I ran across one notebook that Ubuntu (or any other OS, save a very specific version of Windows Vista) refused to boot from. Perhaps you've got a similar case.

  4. I built my system myself, so it didn't come preinstalled with anything.

    I'm not trying to suggest that my anecdote is data, just that I had a particularly frustrating experience with Ubuntu on this occasion, even though Windows worked perfectly.

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