So, my last exam was yesterday and I’m now pretty much home free for the next two weeks until everyone gets kicked out of halls. Then I’m home free at… y’know, home.

All in all I think the exams went not too badly. I’m nigh-on certain I passed everything, and fairly sure that I’ll get a good grade. Is grade the word anymore? Anyways, regardless the procedure seems to be that we get a pass/fail letter along with info about if we got into the second year on the 9th of July, then a letter from the Registry in August that gives the numerical results.

The Maths Analysis exam yesterday actually went a lot better than I thought it would. The past papers were truly terrifying. It’s not an exaggeration that I actually was unable to even begin to answer without looking up the method in my notes. The real exam was actually better than that, thankfully, and George agreed with me. Hopefully everyone won’t find it easy though or it’ll get moderated in the wrong direction! Which would be bad.

The QP, SoM, and V&W exam didn’t suck too much, and there were only a couple of things I drew a complete blank on.

E&M I’m actually already starting to forget what that was like. Oh well.

Last night was also the Piccadilly Court end-of-year dinner, which is really strange because… it doesn’t really feel like I’ve been here that long. I mean, it’s only been maybe about 9 months or something, which is nuts, really, and it’s already the end. This extended social group of people is going to drift apart. It’s… sucky, really. To steal some words, I don’t know half of them half as well as they deserve.

In other news:

I bought myself some webspace, so I’m hosting this blog myself now, which hopefully means I’ll be able to put some interesting things on it that were impossible while it was hosted at

Buffy Season 8 #4 came out on Thursday, and it’s the conclusion to the “Long Way Home” arc, and there’s some pretty disturbing imagery in there, I thought. Better minds than me are probably reviewing it, but suffice to say I’m glad to see these characters back.

I bought a copy of Crackdown for the 360, and It’s mucho fun, what with the beating up the gang members, shooting the gang members, and running over the gang members. Oh, and doing Neo-jumps from rooftop to rooftop collecting agility orbs, which in turn give your jumping ever-greater magnitude, which makes it easier to collect ever-more orbs. It’s beautiful.

Until next time, goodnight. And good luck.

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