Interim Update

So revision is proceeding more or less on track. Things which I thought were scary now appear less so! It’s good. Haven’t really got a lot to write about right now, but I’m trying out a little experiment in microblogging, using Twitter.

You can see my Twitter stream here, the RSS feed of it here, as my status on Facebook (that’s automatic, how awesome is that?), or on the sidebar of my blog homepage.

I’m hoping to post updates slightly more regularly than I would here, as there isn’t the burden of feeling like I have to write a whole post. Also, I can write updates by sending a text from my phone if something really cool happens, which is tremendously awesome.

Exams start on the 28th. It’s all downhill from here!

Update: Doing a trial of using Disqus comments. This may/may not go well.

4 thoughts on “Interim Update

  1. Looks like that kinda stuff works. I'm just running a trial of this to see if it might be worth keeping in the future, you get things like threaded comments, and some other stuff.

    Need to fix it so that it sticks inside the margins, though….

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