So I’m sitting here in the JCR, observing my new Monday ritual of a sausage roll and yogurt (because I’m hungry) and a latte (to make me a person again) and I realized I’ve made a mistake.
I think lots of things that I think are interesting, but too short to really deserve a blog post. Stuff like, “Left 4 Dead versus mode is awesome!”. So really I should put them up on Twitter, I thought. So up went twitter account, twitter sidebar on blog; all good. Then I thought, a twitter post is kinda like a Facebook status. I’ll link them together! So every twitter post shows up as a Facebook status.
Great, except that they have subtley different semantics. Facebook statuses (stati?) are noisy – they broadcast to all your friends. Which made me think twice about dumping my stupid minutiae onto Twitter. So yeh, idiot.
Next time I’m at a proper computer they’re getting unlinked.
Also, JCR gingerbread lattes are rubbish! Blurgh.

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