This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

– T.S. Eliot

So here we are at last, the end of another year.

Amongst other things, the ball has been and gone, we celebrated summer Swedish-style, some of my friends have graduated and gotten good results, and now everyone’s packing up to return home.

I honestly can’t believe it’s all gone so fast, it’s really just scary. Although, what’s even scarier is that the next year will no doubt go equally as fast, and then I’ll be all graduated and looking to whatever will come next; I really don’t know what that is yet, and that’s pretty terrifying. Who knows though, maybe I’m worrying about nothing and I’ll be hit by a bus tomorrow. Nothing ever turns out quite like you expect.

Which, I think, informs my view of the future. You need to have one eye on the road ahead, sure, because you need to know where the hell it is you might be going, but you need to have one eye on the here and now too, because the future doesn’t exist yet, and the here and now bloody well does. You can’t live your life on whatifs and maybes.

On a slight tangent, I do for once wish my blog was slightly more anonymous, because it does mean that I have to be careful about what I say about people I know, because even if I use the popular refer-to-people-by-single-letter trick it’s quite likely the person I’m referring to would be identified, which isn’t fair. Annoying, because sometimes you just need the catharsis that only bellowing at the top of your lungs in a public place can achieve. Metaphorically speaking.

I digress. Right now, I know that I need to get on the dog & bone to BT and cancel our phone line – getting charged for the next tennants’ calls sounds distinctly unappealing – and get my stuff all cleaned and packed up ready to move out tomorrow. The future can wait.

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