For Once, Not Politics or Philosophical Essayism

Whenever I’m not feeling OK, I have a tendency to hit the philosophy. There’s something about contemplating the essential questions of existence that makes your everyday shit seem to be much less of a concern, and more like weird background noise. I’ve finished reading Nausea, my copy of Catcher in the Rye is back on the shelf, and hopefully things will go back to something approximating normal.

I hope I’ve learned something. It was probably something I’d hoped I’d learned┬ábefore, and no doubt through my own infinite stupidity will need to learn again at some point in the future, but I hope that I’ve learned it for real this time.

Sometimes things end. It’s sad, and sometimes you just can’t understand why, or make sense of what happened, but you can’t howl into the wind and try to change the past with the power of your fury; you’ll just consume yourself in hatred and bitterness and nihilism. Some things just aren’t worth the time, effort or pain trying to fight.

Time to learn to let things end.

In other news, there’s a Fairtrade Cheese & Wine party on Friday night, which I will certainly be going to, and there two events on Thursday I would like to attend but they’re mutually exclusive and I may not have time anyway: Fairtrade tea party, and ICU Election Hustings.

Act accordingly.

Andy out.

3 thoughts on “For Once, Not Politics or Philosophical Essayism

  1. Things ending always suck. I hope you feel better soon though and that there's not too much self-blame (I don't know anything about what's happened, but I'm guessing it's not all your fault).

    I've not been to a single Fairtrade event this year! Happy to hear you guys are still going though. I really appreciate that and thought the plug-for-events-my-friends-no-longer-run tag was very funny.

    Finally, what's this business with me not being able to view your blog properly with Internet Explorer? Is that something you've done just to ban ignorant and stupid IE users (like me) from reading it?

  2. Of course, the best thing about endings is they provide opportunities for new beginnings.

    Yeh, it was a shame that you couldn't make it, it just didn't seem like a proper Fairtrade event without you! Was still very fun, although I'm not sure anybody learned anything about Fairtrade.

    The reason that I'm against IE is that I've used several features in designing this site that aren't supported in IE, so while I've made efforts to make it look alright in IE, it's still not anything like what I intended.

    It looks much nicer in Firefox and Chrome (

    I also much, much prefer Chrome as a browser to IE.

  3. I love your tags. And I should probably read more philosophy. Who knows where it might get me. xxx

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