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Almost Liveblogging: Snack-pimping

3:09PM – Susan, Kristina and Olof have come round to participate in Rowan’s latest madcap scheme: pimping up a Kitkat. One of Matt’s shoeboxes is rapidly being disassembled, and Man Utd. vs Man City is on the radio.

3:13 PM – Rowan: “Women in their natural environment!” Some of the chocolate just went into the microwave, ready to produce some beautiful melted chocolatly goodness.

3:18 PM – A foil mould is being packed into the shoebox. Rowan: “It’s really lumpy, Kristina!” Talking about lumps in the melted chocolate. Looks like the microwave was a bad plan. It’s going to have to be done the old fashioned way with boiling water. Rowan’s talking about health and safety, this can’t go well.

3:20 PM – “It looks like a cowpat!” Yeh, melting the chocolate isn’t going well. The internet radio is stuttering – connection isn’t very good down here!

3:24 PM – Melting chocolate still isn’t working – a war council is in process. Matt: “Melting chocolate is really simple! How are we getting it wrong?!”

3:25 PM – Rowan: “I think that’s dead chocolate. Let’s do it again…”

3:26 – Melting chocolate, MK2:

3:31 PM – The base is getting poured, now it’s been put outside to get it to set.

3:35 PM – A layer of Kitkats is being built to form the crunch interior of the pimped kitkat. There is also much discussion about the draws in the FA cup. There’s also a draft, and it’s freezing my leg.

3:39 PM – We’re waiting for the chocolate base to set before we proceed. It’s been moved to the (working) fridge upstairs as a precaution against bugs.

3:40 PM – Susan: “Shall we start working on the wrapper?” Rowan: “So you’re steam cleaning our grill tray? Only a matter of time until we have an oil fire…” Well, that was roughly what he said.

3:41 – Discussion going on on how to construct the wrapper.

3:45 – We’ve calculated the calorific content of our monstrosity; nearly 7000 calories! Scary! The bar’s roughly 3 times bigger, which presumably makes the calorific content 9x, as it scales with the volume. Yay!

3:54 – The laptop’s gone, which nearly made me lose a bunch of entries, and made it a lot quieter. Work on the wrapper is abandoned. The base is set! Kristina: “Yay!”

3:56 – Emily is apparently not coming :(

3:58 – KitKats being laid over the base:

4:00 – More chocolate is being melted by Rowan and Matt. They’ve changed the water for fear of an oil fire, while Kristina and Susan fill in the base. The laptop returns! I can use a keyboard!

4:05 – Chelsea vs Arsenal’s started. The connection isn’t great so it keeps pausing. I’ve noticed some of the entries above aren’t chronological – because of editing with my phone and the laptop! Kristina and Susan are building the Kitkat up in the mould, while Matt and Rowan successfully melt chocolate in the saucepan. Rowan: “If we have too much chocolate, it’s Matt’s fault!” Rowan: “By appointment to Chuck Olof!”

4:08 – Chocolate is fully liquidised.

4:10 – Pouring! Rowan wants to go on an expedition to find more chocolate.

4:13 – The mould is being taped up to try and give it the characteristic Kitkat shape. It’s now being taken off to the fridge to help it to set. Next step is to infringe on KitKat’s trademarks – I mean, make the wrapper.


4:40 – Took some time off to work on the wrapper. Rowan: “panic and pandemonium as susan draws a belly on the five!” Rowan and Matt work on watching the game.

4:45 Rowan and Matt string an Ethernet cable downstairs to ensure they can watch the game. Andy: “Oh my god Kristina, you’re amazing!” Her handiwork on the KitKat logo is really good.

4:49 We’re unsure of the status of the giant kitkat, it’s solid on the outside, but the inside is a mystery.

4:51 Rowan gets worked up about the football:

16:53 – Kristina’s handiwork is coming along:

16:55 – Talking about kick-off times of football. Apparently you shouldn’t be drunk when you go in.

16:59 – we’re going to get the giant kitkat out of the fridge so it can get wrapped.

17:02 – Rowan: “You failed!” Disaster! It hasn’t set! Back to the fridge!

17:07 – Kristina, Olof and Susan are abandoning us! We’re going to have to finish the wrapping ourselves. This could go wrong…

17:13 – And they’re gone. Good riddance, I say. :(

17:28 – Matt & Rowan have retired to Matt’s room to watch the football while we wait for the chocolate to fully set. I’ll write some more when something happens!

17:42 – Success! I haven’t made any content disappear by being a total spaz when switching over to my phone to take pictures. Matt and Rowan are still watching the football.

18:13 – In a fit of Chelsea-failure-induced despair, Matt and Rowan eat the Kit-Kat chunky. Andy eats slices of roast chicken.