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Distributed Version Control: A Review

This post is all about stuff that’s only interesting if you’re into programming. Read at your own risk!

Next year as part of my degree I’m working with a partner to create some software that’ll simulate cold, dense plasmas (the physics kind, not the blood-is-made-from kind) and the thought of working on this by emailing files to each other and the like just seems utterly beyond tedious, so I’ve started investigating various types of source control, which will make it a lot easier to work together and keep in sync without getting rapidly into a horrible mess.

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Not been blogging a lot, of late.

Not sure why that is. Partly I think it’s because I haven’t been struck by anything much to write about; partly because out there in the real world there’s been stuff happening that I’d rather not share with the world at large.

That said, there is stuff I’d like to mention:

  • I went to a JoCo gig the other night. It was sweet. May get a blog write-up.
  • Heroes is pretty damned good this season.
  • Jellybabies are delicious (and 50p less expensive than two bus rides!)
  • Nandos had an awesome deal where they gave away half a chicken for free. Excellent.
  • Quantum of Solace: Is it better than Casino Royale? No; but that was always going to be a big ask. The really interesting question is which do you prefer, Gemma Arterton or Olga Kurylenko?
  • There are an offensively large number of good games coming out over these last months of the year. It’s sad I won’t get around to playing a good chunk of them.
  • Top Gear is back! Yay!

Probably some other stuff, but there we go.