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The Last Month (in 30 Minutes)

Right, so I’ve not blogged for a while. The last post I’ve made was the 18th of December, which was the day before the end of term. So, what have I been doing since then? Oh, and I’m trying to do it in less than half an hour, because that’s how long I have until my washing needs drying.

The next day was spent mostly trying to hurry and get my computing project ready to hand in, which kinda necessitated missing a few lectures, but never mind. Then, once that was all done, the Physics crew met up in the common room to exchange Secret Santa gifts. I think we were all pleasantly surprised at the quality of the presents we’d got each other. Emily in particular was very happy with her present, which was a book about 101 things an old-fashioned housewife could do.

Went home, and the house did Secret Santa, which was also great fun, although exactly what some of those gifts were eludes me slightly.

Then we had a few drinks, people came over, had a few more drinks, then headed down to the Union for the Christmas ball. In hindsight, going to the Union might not have been the best plan, but heck, it wasn’t too bad. Bloody freezing walking back, though.

The next day I got the train back home – only £3.30, which completely didn’t suck.

Pretty much as soon as I got back, got a lift from Beccy’s dad to head down to Shell’s place in Bromsgrove, and we had drinks and takeaway with friends, and that was all pretty good.

Did the usual home-stuff after that, hanging around the house, sleeping, reading, playing games, visiting family, etc.

Met up with friends once more (although a slightly different set of friends) in a pub, and that was pretty great too.

Finished Mirror’s Edge in a single day, and played a lot of the drums in Rock Band. Watched the Dark Knight on Blu-Ray. It’s so high-def it’s almost painful to watch. Awesome.

Christmas rolled round, presents got opened. Didn’t get anything spectacular, but it was all nice and good. My Nan came over for Christmas dinner, and we played Trivial Pursuit as a family. I won, because I’m awesome.

Few days later, I rang in the New Year playing Rock Band with my Mom and sister. My mother is honestly terrible on the drums, even on easy mode. It was fun, anyway.

Then on the 2nd of January, I got on a train back to London. Got a £17.50 first-class ticket back, so there was coffee and sandwiches available for free, which was nice. Being asked if you want tea or coffee before you can even sit down is pretty nice indeed.

House was freezing, so I borrowed Matt’s heater, otherwise I would have frozen to death, and I bought my own from Argos ASAP.

Then in theory spent time revising for the Computational Physics test, in practice I spent rather too much time playing Fallout 3.

Anyways, the test did eventually roll round, with more and more people coming back into the house as it came closer to term-time. I was as prepared as I could have been, but I think I made some pretty silly mistakes in the exam. Never mind.

Then for the rest of this week have been general introductory lectures. Other people are stressing about philosophy and politics essays, or lab reports, etc. etc. but I’ve mostly just kinda been chilling, watching TV, playing Left 4 Dead.

That’s pretty much everything, more or less. I mean, there’s a lot omitted, but you don’t need to know every detail, you anonymous internet people. Heck, this is already probably too much!

Anyways, hopefully I should be able to keep to posting more regular-like in the future. I’ve recently finished reading Y: The Last Man, so I might write something about that, and I’m planning to have a crack at The Communist Manifesto in the near future.

Unexpected Victory

Yesterday, Dickie, Shell, Fish, Ben, and I went go-karting in Stourbridge.

Rather bizarrely Ben turned up first; apparently army training in punctuality does work! I arrived second, mysteriously managing to not be asleep or otherwise in bed, even into the early evening (a feat I haven’t repeated today) and then everyone else turned up after.

We handed over our entry, watched the now-annoyingly-familiar safety video, donned our overalls, several-sizes-too-big gloves, and helmets, and waited for the people ahead of us to finish their race.

The basic layout of the event was thus: a 10-lap qualifying session, followed by a 45-lap race. In the qualifying, Dickie posted the fastest time, then Ben, me, Shell (who should have done better, with those go-faster points on her license) and Fish.

Alas, I can’t give you a blow-by-blow of the race that followed, but it was marked by Fish and Shell being really, really slow and getting lapped a lot; Fish completed only 40 laps, a whole 5 adrift of the race leaders. He also had an annoying tendency to spin his kart out right in front of you on a full-throttle corner. In the top 3, me, Dickie and Ben continually jostled for position, with some defensive driving (by me) and general violence and general bad sportsmanship (by Ben) marring Dickie’s attempts to overtake.

In the end, the result was:

  1. Me
  2. Dickie
  3. Ben
  4. Shell
  5. Fish

Which I can’t say I entirely deserved, as Dickie really is the faster driver, and I was lucky to capitalise on the few mistakes he made (which included me overtaking both him and Ben when they couldn’t agree on who was getting flagged).

Then there was curry and wine, then some more wine at a pub, and it was all good.