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Back On The Radar

It’s scary how Twitter has really become my primary way of squirting infomation out into the world. Sadly, it usually means that information is squirted out in ephemeral chunks of 140 characters, which is hardly ideal.

Anyways, stuff what I’ve been doing.

We did indeed figure out somewhere new to live, a flat near Acton Town tube station with a living room. It’s pretty much the furthest out I’ve lived so far, but the good tube links makes it not exactly onerous to zip into central London.

I’ve somehow filled time with a bunch of activities: finished up the new Fencing Club website which I encourage you to visit and join because it’s awesome, went go-karting (which I guess Dickie won? I forget), signed up for Spotify Premium so that I can use the iPhone app, went to see Coldplay, Jay-Z and Girls Aloud at Wembley, met friends for drinks (many times), moved down to London, sorted out phone and Internet, finished my Literature Review, bought my own fencing gear, fenced in a proper competition against another university, etc.

It’s weird because it’s the like the second week of term and I already feel sort of rushed. Haven’t quite gotten around to properly tidying my clothes away, so I’m still sort of living out of a suitcase. If I don’t do it soon entropy is just going to take over.


Started a whole bunch of things, not sure when I’ll finish them. Half-way through Kafka’s The¬†Metamorphosis, started on Naomi Klein’s No Logo, a chilling account of the power of brands, and I’m really getting into the Sandman graphic novels, written by Neil Gaiman. They’re dark and twisted, wrapping themes and motifs around events; although as one of the writers of Lost puts it, “when we run out of ideas and do the same things over and over, it’s a motif”. I’m mostly reading it on the tube, but it’s bloody hard to resist the urge to just go read it now.

Anyways, see you later all.

Unexpected Victory

Yesterday, Dickie, Shell, Fish, Ben, and I went go-karting in Stourbridge.

Rather bizarrely Ben turned up first; apparently army training in punctuality does work! I arrived second, mysteriously managing to not be asleep or otherwise in bed, even into the early evening (a feat I haven’t repeated today) and then everyone else turned up after.

We handed over our entry, watched the now-annoyingly-familiar safety video, donned our overalls, several-sizes-too-big gloves, and helmets, and waited for the people ahead of us to finish their race.

The basic layout of the event was thus: a 10-lap qualifying session, followed by a 45-lap race. In the qualifying, Dickie posted the fastest time, then Ben, me, Shell (who should have done better, with those go-faster points on her license) and Fish.

Alas, I can’t give you a blow-by-blow of the race that followed, but it was marked by Fish and Shell being really, really slow and getting lapped a lot; Fish completed only 40 laps, a whole 5 adrift of the race leaders. He also had an annoying tendency to spin his kart out right in front of you on a full-throttle corner. In the top 3, me, Dickie and Ben continually jostled for position, with some defensive driving (by me) and general violence and general bad sportsmanship (by Ben) marring Dickie’s attempts to overtake.

In the end, the result was:

  1. Me
  2. Dickie
  3. Ben
  4. Shell
  5. Fish

Which I can’t say I entirely deserved, as Dickie really is the faster driver, and I was lucky to capitalise on the few mistakes he made (which included me overtaking both him and Ben when they couldn’t agree on who was getting flagged).

Then there was curry and wine, then some more wine at a pub, and it was all good.