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My Timing Is Appalling

So I bought and enjoyed Crackdown on my 360, it’s a big ol’ barrel of fun. You’re a genetically engineered super-man, let loose to bring “justice” to a city full of gangs by a futuristic law enforcement Agency.

You have 5 major skills: agility, driving, explosives, strength, and firearms. Agility makes you faster and lets you jump higher, driving lets you drive faster and with better control and causes some vehicles to get upgrades, explosives make explody things more potent, strength lets you beat people up with greater effectiveness, pick up and throw heavier objects, and have more health, and firearms enables you to shoot more accurately.

Rather worryingly, you level up most of these skills my killing gang members. For some inexplicable reason, running people over makes you a better driver. I don’t even pretend to understand. I mean, I can understand blowing people up or shooting them makes you better at exploding or shooting… Agility makes far more sense, because you level that up by collecting green Agility orbs which tend to be found on the roofs of buildings and the like.

Anyways, it comes with access to the Halo 3 Multiplayer beta, and I was going to play some tomorrow. Except the beta ends today. Oh well.

Sally Sparrow and a Weeping Angel

In other news, I watched the new episode of Doctor Who that I managed to miss by going to Sarah & Sarah’s party. It’s called “Blink” and it’s astonishingly good. For a series about a time traveler Doctor Who has surprisingly few stories in which time travel is a critical element; this episode has a healthily non-linear storyline and monsters which were terrifying not because they were revolting or exploited cheap shots like being alien or murderers or the like, but by playing on a very primal fear of malign entities moving out of sight. I can see this being horribly frightening for children, this could make a lot of them afraid of the dark. Along with the last two-parter the quality of the writing has been phenomenal.

And the actress who played the lead part isn’t half bad looking neither, which helps.