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Quite a long time, really.

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the start of this blog, with the first real post being an ode to sleep deprivation.

I would say it’s been a long time, which is true, but really it also doesn’t feel like much of a long time at all. Lots of stuff’s happened, is all I can really say. New friends made, and all that kinda corny rubbish.

I set out with a bold vision; to write lots of stupid nonsense nobody but me cares about on a fairly regular basis, and in this respect I have failed terribly, because I’ve not actually been too regular, and occasionally people have been interested. But hell, I did it my way.

Or something.

A New Lick Of Paint (again)

So I grabbed a new theme for my blog. I think it’s pretty nice! I’ve modified it a bit from the stock theme to add times to the post dates, but that’s more or less the extent of my meddling.

For people commenting, it supports something called a Gravatar, or globally recognised avatar. If you sign up at that site you can upload a picture of yourself or anything you like, and it’ll show up next to your comment as long as you use the same email address for both the comment and Gravatar.

I’m hoping at some point to make my own theme from scratch, or nearly from scratch, but I have a great deal of learning to do before that happens. Also I happen to be truly awful at graphic design, so I’d be most grateful to anyone out there with mad art skillz.

Erm, at some point I’ll write an entry about coming back home and what I’ve been upto, and read what Lucy and Cassie wrote in their last few blog entries, but for some reason I haven’t gotten around to all that stuff yet.