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I Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Use a C++ Compiler

class mesh_cell
double _x, _v, _P, _rho, _q, _e;


// Defines that automatically write get/set accessors for me if I provide the variable names.
// Evil? Saves me writing boilerplate though!
#define var(i) double& i() { return _##i; }
#define get_var(i) const double& get_##i() const { return _##i; }
#define set_var(i) void set_##i(const double& var) { _##i = var; }
#define gs_var(i) var(i) get_var(i) set_var(i)



I need help.

Distributed Version Control: A Review

This post is all about stuff that’s only interesting if you’re into programming. Read at your own risk!

Next year as part of my degree I’m working with a partner to create some software that’ll simulate cold, dense plasmas (the physics kind, not the blood-is-made-from kind) and the thought of working on this by emailing files to each other and the like just seems utterly beyond tedious, so I’ve started investigating various types of source control, which will make it a lot easier to work together and keep in sync without getting rapidly into a horrible mess.

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